Rawai Revisited

"The way traditional Phuket culture can be found blending in with the tourist scene is one of the nicest things about Rawai Beach." 

Rawai Beach has been well known to the locals for a long time. Thai residents and tourists will stop at Rawai to visit Laem Promthep and watch the sun slowly sink into the Andaman Sea at sunset, often stopping for a meal at one of the restaurants along the beach-side. On religious festival days, boat loads of worshippers can be seen heading off to Koh Gaew to visit the island temple and pay their respects. 

Rawai is the perfect place to pick up a long-tail boat for a fishing trip or to visit one of the many offshore islands along Phuket's East Coast.

The small fishing village on the north end of Rawai Beach where the local ‘Sea Gypsies’ sell their catch along the waterfront, or the area at Bak Bang on the south end of the beach where the fisherman bring their boats ashore to repair them, are paradise for photographers or anyone that simply wants to see how life goes on.

Please feel free to add your tips for the Rawai Beach Area. Tell others about local events or simply  what you like the best about life in Rawai and make this blog a great source of information for other visitors to Phuket!