Bon Island Restaurant - Great food by the beach!
Just pick up a long-tail boat from Rawai for a 15 minute trip to Bon Island's northern most beach. Full menu and location details are available on their website.

Coconut Paradise Bar and Bistro
Take-away service also available

Nikita's Restaurant
Beach front dining, wood fired pizza, fresh seafood and Thai food Large selection of wines, cocktails, fresh fruit juices, draught English cider and Largest selection of beers.

Chao Leh Seafood Market
At the small 'sea gypsy' village at the horthern end of Rawai Beach you can buy your own fish or seafood and one of the nearby restaurants will cook it for you for a small charge.

Beach-Side Dining
Rawai Beach is lined with small restaurants serving food at low tables along the road-side. Most restaurants specialise in  BBQ chicken, fish or seafood as well as Esan food including sticky rice and somtam salad. Very popular with the locals!

Ao Sane Beach
Drive through the Royal Yacht Club Hotel and over the hill to Ao Sane Beach. The beach side restaurant serves good food along with a great view of Laem Promthep and Koh Kaew.

Laem Promthep Restaurant
Located at the top of the hill next to the viewpoint it is the perfect place to get away from all the tourists and watch the sun slip into the sea whilst enjoying a cold beer and a sunset dinner.

The Coconut Cafe at Nai Harn Beach has been there for years and serves beautifully filleted fish.

Spoonful of Sugar
If your just looking for a coffee and a cake then this is the place! They also serve toasted sandwiches.

The Book Cafe
Although really a bookshop it is a good place to take a healthy drink and some home made cake.

Some other nearby restaurants that make a great place to dine both day or night:

Chalong is maybe not on the general tourist agenda, however it has a lot to offer, Ao Chalong,
Wat Chalong and more recently the Big Buddha. Going back to 1987 when I first arrived in Phuket one of Phuket's most famous restaurants was definitely Kan Eang 2, along with it's predecessor Kan Eang 1 (now 'Kan Eang @ Pier') over the years many new restaurants have opened and Kan Eang 2 has been forgotten by many, however it is still on the top of my list!

Located just opposite the rear entrance of Wat Chalong.This lakeside restaurant makes a perfect place for dining after a visit to the temple. Opening at 10am the lunch time restaurant serves both noodles and a selection of Thai food until around 6pm when the kitchen changes to the dinner menu with a wide selection of Thai and European cuisine served in an open air setting overlooking the lake. The gift shop is open all day, until the restaurant closes around 10pm.

Nabon (Palai - Mudong)
Just follow the road down to Phuket Zoo and a completely different Phuket will appear, well that is until it gets more developed. This is the continuation of Ao Chalong that runs through Haad Palai into the mangrove forests of Klong Mudong. There are several restaurants along Haad Palai so just choose the one you like best. If you prefer to be in the mangrove forest rather than by the beach then try Mor Mudong. Order some food and then take a stroll along the beach. At low tide the small fishing boats will be left stranded, great for taking photos! I still have to decide which is my favourite here!